Through its long-term presence in the field, LAKRE SA has achieved signific award wining statusess of its own meat products, such as Black Pig Burger (Gold Meat Days 2016 Award) and Black Pig Sausages and Kebab Chicken Dipper (2016 Silver Dinner) . The continued expansion of our offerings makes LAΚRE SA a leading company in the catering and Super Market sectorse

Under the leadership of our President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Christoforos Boutros, our expertized team produces and distributes producst of unique flavors and top quality throughout the Greek territory, as well as abroad. Multi-year partnerships with both Greek farms and award-winning foreign companies, in combination with our owned modern facilities of 5000 sq.m. in Industrial Area Vatontas Nea Artakis, Evia, constitute the core of the quality assurance of our products.

With the aim of providing specialized support to our customers and thanks to our highly trained staff, at LA KRE we offer the possibility of special cutting, processing and standardization of meat products, as well as the production of specialty meats and recipes tailored to your specific needs.

Our mission is to supply the market with the finest products. Thus, in addition to meat production and processing, we actively support Greek companies, representing and distributing their products in Central Greece, Euboea and the Aegean islands. At the same time, we are introducing innovative products, seeking to fully meet the needs of the mass catering industry.